Monday, November 14, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 6-7

 We started our last day there with going to the star castle.  Every wish child that stays at the Village gets a star to put their name on and then they put it up on the ceiling.  Here's Carter with his star.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the ceiling!  I was video taping so that's my excuse, but it is completely covered with stars.  They built another star tower to add more and that's where Carter's star is now.

 There was a really fun play area in there, too.  Also, all three kids got a "wish pillow" to take home.

 For our last day we went to Epcot in the morning.  All three kids fell asleep really quickly in the strollers so we walked around the world showcase.  They had their Food and Wine Festival going on so it was SO crowded.  We would've loved to stop and try some food but the lines were ridiculously long.  After being spoiled the whole week and not having to wait in any lines, we just couldn't handle that.  So we just walked right on through.  It was really beautiful.

 Just a friendly reminder :)

 Part of Germany

 Dennison in France.

 Does that look comfortable to you??

 Once they woke up we went on the Nemo ride.  These seagulls on the rocks were saying, "Mine.  Mine. Mine."

 That was the only ride there for them so we headed back over to Dr. Seuss Landing at Universal.

 It was so well done.  And it was decorated for Christmas.

 This playzone was really fun.  It's built around the book "If I Ran the Zoo".  There were a lot of little activities and games for the kids.

 Carter trapped his daddy with water

 And he loved it.

 We went back to ride Spiderman and then he wanted to do the roller coaster at Harry Potter a few more times.  Or 6 more times.

 Looks like a successful week!

 This was the first leg of our journey.  The boys did so well, just playing with their crackers the whole time.
  That's right, they played with the crackers for over an hour!

 On the long flight from Atlanta, this magic happened!  They slept for over an hour.  It was so nice.  They did really well they whole time.

Once we got back to our airport there was a limo waiting to whisk us away.  We got home about 8pm and could hardly wait to get everyone in bed, including ourselves.  It was such a fun trip.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who made it possible for us to have such a wonderful time together.  The Make-A-Wish people and Give Kids the World people were all so sweet and kind.  It was truly magical :)

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