Monday, November 14, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 3

 Our third day was spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The boys loved it.  We thought it was pretty amazing, too.  Both boys were excited to see this scarlet mccaw because they've seen one on their favorite show:  Diego.

 This is the tree of life, it's in the middle of Animal Kingdom.

 This is a dinosaur puzzle where they had to match up the lower jaw with the rest of the head.

 T-Rex bones

 Jude didn't quite believe us that this dinosaur wasn't real.  He was very nervous to get close to it for a picture.

 This was all part of Dinoland in Animal Kingdom.  Carter is climbing on a dinosaur with lots of other kids.  They all tried to slide down his neck and it didn't quite work.  Yet, they all kept trying it.

 Some Apes.  They were putting on quite a show for us.  We stopped and watched them for quite a while.  The boys were cracking up at them.

 After DinoLand, we went over to "Asia".  There were lots of tigers.  We were so close to them, too.

 There were three tigers in this area and there was a path that went right through their home with glass windows on both sides.  While we were in there one of the tigers came right up to the window and put his paws up on the glass and just stared at all of us.  It was AWESOME!  My camera was not ready, unfortunately.

 Carter got bored with the tigers and after looking at his map decided that he wanted to see the peacocks.  Lucky for him, we walked away from the tigers and there was a peacock right in front of us.  He was so excited.

 Here they are trying to "spot" all the different fish from their fish guides.

 After leaving the "Asia" section, we headed over to "Africa" and got on a safari jeep.  Jude wanted to catch some lions and put them in this pocket.  Uh.... ok....

 Look at those beauties!

 This was such an awesome ride!  We just drove by all these amazing animals.  We were so close to them and there was nothing separating them from us.  It was really spectacular.

 These are called "upside-down trees" because they look like they're growing upside-down.

 There's a lion!  We just drove right by him and his lady friends.

 We wore them out!

 Once we got back from Animal Kingdom we headed over to the pool.  It was close to getting dark so it was cooling off pretty quickly.  We didn't last long in the pool but it was fun while it lasted.

They had a cook-out by the pool that night and then we, of course, went to get ice cream.
Day 3:  Success

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