Monday, November 14, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 4

 We started off day 4 with some horse-back riding at the Village.  Both boys loved it and then they got a cowboy hat when they were done.  So cute!

 After that, we headed over to SeaWorld!  This is what Carter had been waiting for, he was so excited!

 This is the dolphin stadium where we saw a really awesome dolphin show.  They had mccaws fly out over the audience and I'm not kidding, one was inches away from my head.  It was really cool.  The dolphins were so fun to watch. 

 After that we got to go feed the dolphins and even got to touch them.  It was really neat.  Carter kept saying that he wished he could swim with them but feeding and touching them was the next best thing.

 Right as we were finishing up, one of the trainers came over and got a dolphin to come right up on this little shelf so Carter could touch more of him.  He was smiling so big!

 Then he waved "bye-bye" to us :)

 We saw some sea turtles - they were so big!

 This was as we were leaving, we were all tired.

 This was actually the first thing we did.  The pictures are out of order because my camera was drying out (someone - Jude - pushed it into a bowl of water) and so these first ones were taken with my phone.  Anyways, we got to feed the stingrays and touch them as they swam by.  It was really awesome.

 There was a seperate pool with 3 baby stingrays in it.  They were so small!

 Both boys got an airbrush tattoo.

 Shamu stadium!

 Carter was really excited to sit down close where we would get splashed.  The first little splash and he just lost it.  He cried for the rest of the show.  Good thing we had one poncho for all of us to hide behind whenever a big splash was coming.

 The show was really amazing.  I didn't get any pictures of Shamu because I was busy with make-sure-everyone-gets-hidden-behind-the-poncho duty.  But let  me just tell you, he is HUGE!!!  It was really awesome.

This, obviously, was before he got splashed.  I love this picture.
SeaWorld was really awesome!

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