Monday, November 14, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 5

 The fifth day may have been the boys' favorite because we got to see SUPER HEROS!!!

 They both are a little obsessed so they were loving Super Hero Island in the Islands of Adventure park at Universal.  Although I'm not a super hero fan myself, it was a really cool place.  It looked like we were inside a comic book.

 Unfortunately, there weren't many rides that they could go on.  This was one that they both qualified for but we couldn't take the baby on it so her and I watched from the sidelines.

 At certain times throughout the day all the superheros come riding in on their four-wheelers and make a big fuss.  They all jump off and go take pictures with people.  Then they all get back on and ride away together.  It was hilarious.  The boys were so excited to see wolverine but were a little nervous to get close enough for a picture.  Carter decided to break the ice by showing him the wolverine penny he'd just made.  Jude is a little more free-spirited and wanted to show him his wolverine underwear.  A little awkward.

 They were both very excited to see spiderman.  Jude ran right up to him and started talking to him but then wouldn't stand by him for pictures.  Whatever.

 Captain America riding away.

 Jude with Ironman.
  There was another ride that Carter was tall enough for but Jude was not.  It was the Spiderman ride and it was pretty awesome.  We had to entertain Jude while Carter went on it several times so we found some cool stuff to buy and got some ice cream.  

 Can you guess where we went next?!?!  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!!  Ok, so we went into this trip knowing that we wouldn't go on any rides that the boys couldn't do and our main focus was for them to have a blast.  We had committed to do whatever they wanted when they wanted to and just spoil them for the entire week.  With one exception.  I wanted to go on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride!  It worked out perfectly because the two youngest fell asleep as we were walking over there so we wouldn't have done any rides until they woke up anyways.  And since we could go to the front of the line, we both got to go on the ride while they slept and Carter climbed over a wall a few times.  It. Was. AWESOME!  The line to get on the ride goes through Hogwarts.  I really felt like I was there, it was so well done.

 Outside Hogwarts.

 The staircases didn't really move, although I was a bit nervous walking up them.

 We walked right by Dumbledore's office.  There was a hologram of him talking to us.  So cool.

 There was another hologram of these three talking to us also.  So funny and so cool.

 The sorting hat
There was also the fat lady - the entrance to the Gryffindor common room.  It was so awesome.

 Hagrid's place

 There was another ride called Flight of the Hippogriff which was a small rollercoaster.  It was small but it was fast and Carter LOVED it.  He probably went on it ten times.

 That's him and Daddy in the front.


 Hogwart's Express

 Zonko's Joke Shop

 The Hippogriff.

 riding the roller coaster again.

 chocolate frogs in the window.

 Then we headed to Dr. Seuss Landing.  We didn't have much time before the park was to close, but don't worry, we came back here the next day.

 This kept them awake for a while.

 The Cat in the Hat ride.

That night was a Christmas party back at our village.  This is us on a carriage ride.  We also got see Santa and got some gifts from him.  They even made it snow in one small area.  It was weird hearing Christmas music when it was so warm outside!  But it was a cute little party.

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