Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chief for a Day & 2 clinic visits

Carter has been chosen to be the Police Chief for a Day!  They do this program every two years where each police department chooses an honorary Chief (usually a child with a life-threatening illness or something significant like that).  All through the summer he will get to be in parades, go see SWAT team and K9 unit training, go on a boat patrol on the river, and whatever else they come up with for him.  He even gets his own little chief uniform!  He's being sworn in this Wednesday morning (contact me if you're interested in attending, it's open to the public).  The big ceremony with all the police departments and their honorary Chiefs will be later in the summer.  We are so excited and honored to be a part of this program!

His monthly clinic visit was the past week.  Everything went really well.  His blood counts are exactly where they want them to be, finally!  White blood cell count 2100, ANC 1100, hemoglobin 11.2 and platelets 214,000.  He went in to check counts a few weeks ago to see if we could start his oral meds again.  His ANC was barely high enough so he's been on half dose ever since.  He's so brave for his sedations now!  He just climbs up on the bed and closes his eyes.  I tried to capture his pose before he actually went under cause it was so cute.  His legs started falling over right as I took the picture so the sedation doctor held them up for another second for me.  Once he woke up he was really loopy and wobbly but he REALLY wanted to drive his little car.  He was very upset that we wouldn't let him.  He couldn't even sit up without tipping over!  After some rest and some snacks he was finally able to get into his car and then he was happy again.  He's been doing really well and is happy and energetic most days.  It's wonderful to see.