Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 1

 Our trip started very early in the morning last Sunday.  This limo came to pick us up at 4:15am.  Thank goodness daylight savings gave us an extra hour!  The boys were very excited to ride in the "really big car".

 Our first flight.  Here to Atlanta took just under 5 hours.  Everyone did really well, I was impressed.  Baby V is the only one who fell asleep, though...

 ...until our layover that is.  Then both boys crashed while we ate some lunch in the Atlanta airport.

 But this little cutie was well rested and ready to play.

 When we finally made it to Orlando, we had a welcoming party waiting for us.  How cool is that?!  We got our rental minivan and headed to the Village.

We stayed at a place called Give Kids the World Village.  It's where all the make-a-wish families stay.  This is our villa that we stayed in.  We could've easily been entertained there for an entire week.  There was swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball hoops, huge train sets, ice cream parlor that's open all day everyday, two restaurants (everything is complimentary), and they had parties every night.  It was an awesome place.

 part of the swimming pool

 This tree snored.  The first time we walked past it the boys were very careful not to wake it up.

 Carousel that goes all day every day.

 Carter the cowboy riding a seahorse.

 Ice cream parlor.

 This is the avenue.  To the left is the theater, straight ahead is Amberville station with lots of train stuff (we never had to time to actually go in), to the right is the main office and chapel, behind is the gingerbread house (where we eat) and pool and the other restaurant, Katie's Kitchen.

 Mickey and Minnie come to the village twice a week so we don't have to wait in ridiculously long lines at Disney to meet them.  The boys were satisfied with just seeing them from a distance and then they wanted to move on to something else.  Works for me.

 There's a movie out called Letter's to God.  I've yet to be brave enough to watch it - it's about a little boys with cancer.  Part of the movie was filmed here at the village and this mail box was in the movie.  Once they were done filming, they gave the mailbox to the Village.  So here it is.

 The gingerbread house

 The entrance to the pool.

There were gifts on the table when we first got to our villa and they brought gifts to us every day we were there.  We ended the first day with ice cream and then off to bed.

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