Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make-A-Wish Trip: Day 2

 Our first full day in Orlando was spent at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  It was so much fun.  There were tons of rides that we could all go on together as a family.  We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes for any ride because of our super special badge.  It was awesome.  I can't really imagine going any other way now...

 Once you park, you get on a tram that takes you to a ferry boat or monorail which will then take you to the park.  It was a lot of travel time but it was totally worth it.  This was on the boat as we could see the castle getting closer and closer!  Oh the anticipation :)

 She is so dang cute.

 Our first ride:  It's a small world
They were all enthralled.

 This is awesome!

Carter really liked the Peter Pan ride.  We went on that one a few times.
 Mr. Jude really loved dumbo.  He cried every time we had to get off.

 Around nap time we took a break in this Wish Lounge.  It's right off main street in the park and it's for wish families to go relax.  They had juice for the kids and a nice soft place to sit for us oldies.

 She got some good laughs as she cruised around like this.

 Emperor Zurg!

 Carter saw someone with this hat on and told us, "I wish I had a hat like that."  So we bought him one.  This whole trip is because of him, afterall.

 That night we got to see them light up the castle with Christmas lights.  It was really beautiful.

 This baby really loved the rides!

 That looks like a lot of kids.  Anyhow, this was the buzz lightyear ride.  We got to shoot robots and stuff.  It was really fun.

 The teacups.  Jude loved spinning us.

 The Jungle Cruise was Jude's favorite.  He thought all the animals we saw were real and they definitely were not.  We went on it a few times and the last time the guide let both boys steer the boat.  They loved that, of course.

 We saw the fireworks and then they did The Magic, The Memories, and You (or something like that) where they project lights and pictures onto the castle.  It was really cool but we didn't get to stay for the whole thing since they boys were exhausted and whiny and grumpy.  So we headed back to the ferry boat with about a million other people.

It was a really long day but so so fun!  I'm pretty sure we got ice cream when we got back that night, too.
And just fyi, I took over 350 pictures so I'm just gonna keep 'em coming :)

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