Thursday, July 17, 2014


A few months ago we took the donations from Carter's party up to the hospital.  It was fun to drop that stuff off and know it's going to help brighten the spirits of families going through a rough time.  Thank you so much to all who donated!  We might make this a tradition.

Carter has been doing awesome at the clinic visits, even with the blood draw from his arm.  Everything looks great.  Blood counts are great, he's growing a lot, tons of energy, etc.  He'll keep going in for regular check-ups for many years (like through high school...) to make sure it stays that way.

And the best news:  He is ALL done with ALL pills!  He has been on an antibiotic since he first started treatment 3.5 years ago.  Sunday night was his last time taking it, finally!!!!

And with that, this is good-bye.  I'm ready to stop thinking/writing about cancer for a while.  This blog has been a great way to document this journey and update loved ones far away.  It was also very therapeutic for me to write about all that was going on.  It has served it's purpose well.  Thank you for reading and for all the love and support and help we received over these past years.  We have tried to tell and show our gratitude to all of you as best we could, though it still feels insufficient.  Please know that all your acts of kindness, comforting and encouraging words, shoulders to cry on, hands that lifted and strengthened us, did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  We are amazed by your goodness.