Monday, August 29, 2011


SOOO.... Carter still didn't make counts today to start maintenance, but we're not letting that stop us from having a party this weekend!  (His ANC needs to be 750 and it was only 500.  But all his other counts are up so I think he should be good to go when we go back in on Thursday.  Hopefully.)  So if you know me, or Carter, or my husband, YOU'RE INVITED!!!!  It's gonna be awesome.  5:00 this Saturday at our house.  Bring a side dish or appetizer to share and we'll provide the rest.  COME CELEBRATE WITH US!!!

And just an FYI, it will be a "Paul and the Dragon" themed party.  So come dressed as a dragon... just kidding.  But Carter will be squashing his dragon at the party just like Paul does in the movie.  If you don't know about the movie, click HERE to read about it.  And in case you didn't believe me the first time, let me tell you again:  IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!

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  1. I am SO sad that we can't be there with you on Saturday!!! But I just realized that I have seen Carter squashing his dragon many times, this time it will be for good. I am so very proud of him and all he has overcome in the last 8 months, what a little man you have. You all amaze me and dad, we love you so much!