Thursday, August 11, 2011


We went in this morning just to check counts.  His hemoglobin is down a little since Tue.  It was 7.6 and now it's 7.  The doctor thinks the numbers will start to come up on their own now and opted not to do another transfusion today.  We have an appointment already for Monday so if they are still lower then, he'll probably get more blood again.  White blood cell count is still the same at 600 and ANC is 300.  Platelets are double what they were Monday morning, a whoppin 63,000.  That's still low but not low enough for a transfusion.  So our clinic visit was short and sweet today.  The nurse didn't even put the big sticker over his port once she accessed it which made the de-access so much easier.  Carter slept on the way home and then for another 1/2 hour or so on the couch.  He seems to be doing just great now.  Only one more chemo for this round! 

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  1. That's good news Robin! Carter is a trooper, we sure love you all.