Monday, August 15, 2011

LAST CHEMO!!!! (before maintenance)

 Today was Carter's last chemo for this round!  Next round:  MAINTENANCE!!!  What does this mean?  Well, we have an appointment next week for the start of Maintenance and then our next appointment is in  A MONTH!  The next appointment after that?  Another MONTH later!  Then another MONTH before the next one!  I think you get the point.  What will we do with our time?  Not only that, but Carter's counts should stay good throughout.  His counts today are better than last week, but not by a lot.  White blood cell count 700, ANC 300.  Hemoglobin 7.8 and platelets 325 (much higher than last week!)  Other than the once a month IV chemo in the clinic, he will still be on oral chemo at home every day, and steroids for 5 days every month until April 13, 2014.  But I'll tell you more about maintenance next week.  After his chemo was done, we headed over to the inpatient unit with his Chemo Pal to check out Chelsea's Closet.

 This time, he got to be an alligator!  So cute.

With his Chemo Pal.  

I haven't been able to stop smiling all day long.  I just can't believe we made it to this point.  I am constantly amazed at Carter's maturity, strength, and bravery.  He is the most amazing 4 year-old I know.  I am so grateful and feel so blessed to be his Mommy.  I know we're not done, not even close, but the hardest part is now just a memory.  Don't you think this calls for a celebration?!?!  We do to :)  How about Labor Day weekend?  Be there or be square.  More details to come but if you're reading this, you're invited.


  1. How VERY wonderful:) Carter is such a strong little trooper. You all deserve some rest and a month without going to the hospital.

  2. Robin that is GREAT news!! The best!! I'm so happy. It seems to me like Carter is beyond amazing, and I'm sure I have no idea just how incredible he is!