Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paul and the Dragon

We got this this cute movie in the mail from the American Childhood Cancer Organization called "Paul and the Dragon".  It took me almost a month before I let Carter watch it.  I'm not sure why.  Now, I wish I'd shown it to him a lot sooner.  It's about a little boy, Paul, who finds out he has cancer.  The doctor, in an effort to explain the situation to this young boy, tells him that the cancer inside of him is like a dragon.  So Paul imagines himself inside his own body and fights his "dragon" with the help of his special medicine and chemotherapy.  It's so cute and well done.  The first time we watched it, we didn't tell Carter anything about it beforehand.  All the things that Paul was going through (being in the hospital a lot, getting shots, being sick, getting special medicine), Carter would say, "that's just like me!"  He was so excited to see someone else going through similar things.  Ever since then, he carries his sword around and pretends to fight dragons.  And when we were in the hospital last week he kept telling us that he was fighting his dragon and when his dragon was dead, then we could go home.  What a smart little boy!  "Paul and the Dragon" is the new favorite movie around this house.


  1. What an awesome movie! (I watched the little preview.) I'm amazed how bright Carter has been about this. He's such a smart little boy.

  2. This is so sweet! I'm so glad he was inspired by the example... He IS fighting dragons! Love you!