Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still here

Carter is doing much better but is still in the hospital. The doctors think there's an infection in or around the incision from the port placement. The scar is bright red instead of pink and he's been having a lot of pain there. He's been feeling ok today and hasn't needed any pain meds since 4am. He hasn't had a fever since that first day after he got some antibiotics. That's a good sign, they say. His blood cultures are still clean and it's been about 48 hours. That's also good. At this point, we're just waiting for his numbers to come up. Friday his white blood cell count was 300, yesterday it went down to 200 and today it's back up to 300. Hopefully it will make a big jump up tomorrow and we can go home. He got more blood this morning, just red cells though. His platelets have gone up on their own from about 75,000 to 105,000. So everything is looking alright except for his white cell counts.
These are the signs that are on our door. None of the patients are allowed out of their room since the unit is still on lockdown. And because Carter had a fever, anyone who comes in has to wear gowns and gloves and masks. Not that this is all that new for us but it's still kinda weird.

Carter just keeps telling me he wants to go home. He's even cried about it a few times. And even though Jude has been to the hospital a few times these last couple days, he has to stay out in the hall outside the unit. They both miss each other so much, which is funny because they pretty much fight all the time. They just want to see each other and it makes them both so sad that they can't. I really hope we can go home tomorrow!

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