Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Fever

Once again, we were possibly going to get discharged from the hospital today and Carter got another fever. Poor little guy's been sleeping all day. He even fell asleep while his Chemo Pal was here to play with him. I sure hope he gets feeling better soon. Needless to say his next round will not start today as planned. It's scheduled to start on Monday, but who knows.

Other than the fever, today has been a pretty good day at the hospital. A volunteer came in with her guitar and sang to Carter. It put him right to sleep. Also, I got a free massage. Oh, and I had a really yummy pizza with pineapple, chicken, and strawberries on it. Yum! Anyways, enough about me, this is "Carter's Story". I'm so glad he's getting some good rest finally. Hospitals are not the best sleeping environment. Hopefully he'll sleep off the fever and we'll get to go home in a few days. His numbers are still coming up slowly. His ANC is up to 150 now! Wahoo! (That was sarcasm - that's still really low.) Wish us luck!

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  1. Good luck!!! Praying Carter will get to come home soon!