Monday, June 6, 2011

Round 3 - DONE!!!

 This is what Carter does to cancer

 We went to the fish hatchery over the weekend and he loved feeding the fish

 He looks good, he feels good, life is so good right now.

Last Friday was the last day of the oral meds for Round 3.  We're on our two week break between rounds and it's heavenly.  This also marks the end of our scheduled admissions!  Hallelujah!  Next round starts a week from Thursday.  The way our doctor described it was "the first 3 months smooshed into 2 months".  Sounds fun, right?  His counts will be pretty low for the majority of the two months and the chance of fever with neutropenia (ANC below 500) is high, which would mean at least a few days in the hospital.  It's going to be crazy and intense and we're already excited for it to be over.  Hopefully he will feel ok throughout.  He's such an amazing kid and I know he will continue to surprise and inspire the rest of us.

Delayed Intensification here we come!


  1. go carter!!! enjoy this next week! love the pics, he looks great!

  2. You are all in our prayers! We're so happy to hear how well his treatment has gone so far. Love you all!