Friday, June 24, 2011


 This week has been a little rough for Carter.  Ever since his shots on Monday, he hasn't walked much.  I've been carrying him to the bathroom, to the table, to bed, etc.  There was some of this:

But mostly a lot of this:

 And this:
He's been exhausted, falling asleep a couple times a day.  I'm having flashbacks of Induction.  It makes sense though, since it's pretty much the same medicines as he got that first month.  And he's gained a few pounds this week also from the steroids.  One other lovely side-effect of the steroids is that he sleeps terribly.  He wakes up at least 5 times every night and still wakes up for the day super early. It's really no wonder he's so tired.  He's off of the steroids for now until next Thursday so hopefully we'll all get some sleep around here! 

Anyways, to the clinic visit.  It went really well.  The port access was the best one yet by far.  I mean I wanted to cry it was so good.  I brought little brother along again this time and I think it helped Carter be extra brave.  When we got in the room I started reading a book to the boys.  The nurse came in a got all set up and I put Carter on my lap.  I started to unbutton his shirt and he said, "No, I want her to do it!"  So the nurse did it and I just kept reading.  He started chewing his gum (the stuff they use to clean the site is really strong and it's right by his face so he always has to have mint or gum or something to help) and he plugged his nose and we just kept reading and talking about the book.  Before I knew it, she had put the needle in and Carter gave a little, "ow" under his breath and that was it!  I didn't want to make a big deal of it so I just kept reading.  Once she was done getting blood and put the tape and stickers over the needle, she got up to leave and then I said to Carter, "Is she already done?!?!"  And he looked so proud of himself.  Then he wanted to call Daddy to tell him how brave he was.  It was awesome.  Then we hung out in the playroom while he got his medicine.  The de-access wasn't quite as smooth, but still not bad.  By that point he was really tired and a little grumpy so I don't blame him.  Overall, it was a really good visit.  His numbers are still really good, better than last week even.  White blood cell count of 8,800 with ANC of 7,900!!  Hemoglobin 13.1 and platelets 345,000.  The doctor said his marrow is probably still on the upward swing from the recovery period we had before this round.  They will start going down in a week or two.  But the rest of the day yesterday and so far today he's been doing great.  Running around, playing, and even doing stuff for himself that he stopped doing months and months ago:  Getting himself dressed, throwing his trash away, and getting himself a drink or snack.  And the boy doesn't stop talking!  I don't know if it's just coming with age or if all this craziness has something to do with it but he is becoming very talkative and outgoing.  It's so fun to see.  So this week has the potential to be really good, cross your fingers for us :)

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  1. Sounds like Jude is the key! We are proud of you all for the amazing way you are handling this, we sure love you.