Monday, June 20, 2011

Leg shots

I was feeling REALLY brave today, taking all 3 kids to the clinic!

We went into the clinic for two shots of PEG-Aspariginase in Carter's legs today.  Before we left this morning, I was helping Carter get dressed and he told me that he needed to wear a button-up shirt instead of the t-shirt I had picked out for him.  Then he told me to put the cream on his chest (to numb it before his port access).  This was one of the very few visits when he would not get accessed and of course this is the time when he's super cooperative.  I am still very curious to know how it would have gone had he gotten accessed today.  Not curious enough to have them do it, though :)  Anyhow, his little brother was getting very sad about the idea of being left anywhere today, and knowing it would be a pretty quick visit with most of our time spent in the play room, I just loaded all of them up and took them all with me.  This was the first time I've taken all 3 by myself.  It went pretty well.  Carter was in a fantastic mood all morning until he got the shots.  Totally ruined his day.  We have to wait there for an hour afterwards in case he has a reaction to the shots.  He still hasn't stood up or walked since getting them 5 hours ago because his legs hurt too much.  Anyways, that was our day so far.  Back to the clinic on Thursday for more chemo.

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  1. Carter continues to amaze me, he is such an awesome little man! You are all my heroes! Remember that I love you.