Monday, January 10, 2011

The weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful, thank goodness! Sunday morning, I was all dressed and ready for church and I got Carter's medicine all ready for him. I went to give it to him, which is always scary for me because he cries and tries to get away and tells me repeatedly that he does NOT want to take his yucky medicine. But he took it, and not 30 seconds later, he threw up. So I cleaned that up then called his doctor to see if I needed to give him more medicine. Sure enough, I needed to give him his full dose all over again. Awesome. So I got it all ready again, took it over and gave it to him and he spit most of it out. Great. So I called the doctor again and she told me to just give him a break and try again in the evening. I've been mixing it was chocolate syrup and she suggested that I change it up and find something else to mix it with. By this time, I was more than 1/2 hour late for church so I put my pj's back on and got back in bed. That evening, I mixed his medicine with apple sauce instead and that seemed to go down a little easier. Other than that fiasco, it was a pretty calm and somewhat relaxing weekend. It was nice. Carter is still feeling pretty good. I think he'll be getting another blood transfusion tomorrow when we go to the clinic. That will help his energy level. And the amount of food this boy eats now is just hilarious. He's never been a big eater. Now, every 10 minutes he's telling me something else he wants to eat. I just have to laugh because it's so foreign to me to have a child that actually eats! Anyway, not much to update on, but I'm not complaining about that.


  1. thanks for the update Robin! I am always wondering how things are going. The news of "not much" is exactly what we want to hear--- er read. love to you all. prayers still reach to heaven from Highland

  2. Yeah, for a boring weekend! Hope to see you soon! Take care.

  3. is eating more a side effect of the meds? I am so glad you got some rest too! you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers!