Tuesday, January 25, 2011

quick update

There was a moment when I thought we'd only be going to the hospital/clinic once this week. That dream was short-lived and our visits are now up to 3. We've got two down and one to go on Friday. Yesterday Carter just needed a dressing change on his arm. He was really brave! He still cried but not nearly as bad as usual. I was right by him telling him what they were doing and when they finished each step. That seemed to help a lot. He would ask, "are they done with the stickers now? Are they all done cleaning?" He's a control freak so it was nice for him to know exactly what was happening. Then today we went in for a pre-op appointment for the port placement next week. It was long and a lot of waiting for the amount of new information I received. Oh well. Carter did great because they didn't have to "poke him or take off his stickers and tape". So he was just happy as a clam.

To lighten the mood a little on this blog, here's a peak at a few fun things lately. We pretty much have to stay home and limit visitors to avoid exposure to germs and stuff. Last weekend, with Carter's counts looking pretty good, we finally felt good about taking him to the store as long as he stayed in the cart. He was really happy to be out of the house but not at the hospital. We found these cute pajamas for the boys on sale. I just can't get over how cute they are! The pajamas and the boys :)

You'll notice that Carter's face is a lot chubbier than usual. And his belly. That's the medicine's fault. And it probably won't last long. And Jude is scowling because we took a toy out of his hand for the picture. Next time we'll just let him hold the toy.

My awesome friend Kristi brought her dog over to play with the boys. Carter mostly liked watching him but Jude could not contain his excitement. Literally. We had to remind him countless times to calm down and be soft. It was pretty awesome. Carter's asked several times since then if we can go to Kristi's house and play with her dog :) It was a perfect break from the monotony of staying home and trying to entertain these kids.

My other awesome friend Becky (I have more than two awesome friends, these are just the two featured in today's post) made this hat for Carter. Isn't it so cute! His hair is starting to fall out. a little. We'll see how long it takes before he's Mr. Clean bald. But don't worry, we're stocking up on hats. He looks grumpy because he didn't want me to take his picture. I say if he doesn't want his picture taken, he should just stop looking so cute!

Until next time...


  1. what a whirlwind Robin!!! I just can't imagine being in your shoes. Your boys are SUPER cute and totally need to have pics taken! Your family is constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

  2. Hi Robin, I know we have never met, but our family has been praying for Carter since the day we heard the news. Our 2 yr old son, Elijah, was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL Oct. 23, 2010 quite unexpectedly. It has been a whirlwind. We heard about Carter through your sister Rachel @ church. I would love to stay in contact with you in regards to Carter's treatment, because I think he and Elijah are going through similar things. Elijah has 3 1/2 years of treatment too. He had to have two weeks of radiation treatment in December because his white cell count was 249,000 when he had his first blood test... I have read your Blog and appreciate you sharing your family's experiences through this. We will continue to pray for you and your family and for Carter's journey.

  3. Kristi and Becky are awesome! As are you and your family! The boys look so cute in their new pj's. I don't know what it is about pj's that make kids so happy? well... I guess I get excited still about new pj.'s too. :)

  4. Loved the pictures of your cute little boys in their pajamas!! You are winning the fight! You are finding the roses among the thorns! I am not surprised because of who you are and the values you hold to. You are such a great example for all of us who are keeping up with this blog and praying for your comfort and success through this trial. We'll be praying extra hard for you as your Mom prepares to come home. I know it will be so hard on her to leave and on you as well. The Lord always sends Angels when needed. I see you have already had some in your friends you told us about this week. Lots of Love and Encouragement, Cheryl Buckley

  5. Robin-
    We are praying for you guys every day as well! We are so impressed by your strength! What a good sport Carter is. Thanks for reporting the news through this blog. We love you guys! Give your family a big hug from us!
    Love, Scott and LeAnn McMahan

  6. Cute hat! How kind of your friends to bring over a dog and a hat. :)