Tuesday, January 10, 2012

'Tis the season to get fevers

Carter got another fever last week.  Remember the days when a child with a fever just meant give em some tylenol and put them to bed early?  2 more years (and a few months) and that will be our life again, but for now a fever means to the hospital we go.  He has a slight ear infection and is now on some antibiotics.  We picked up the prescription here in town instead of at the hospital and the pharmacist was so nice and concerned.  We've picked up a few of his chemo meds there before so they were on his record.  He was sure to tell me that amoxicillin can raise the levels of one of his other meds in his blood.  He called Carter's oncologist just to make sure that he was aware of that (of course he was but I was still impressed that he went to such lengths to care for my son). 

Hopefully we don't need to make any more trips down there until his next scheduled appointment.

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