Sunday, October 2, 2011

clinic 9/29

 (his hair is growing back so fast!)
Carter is doing great!  However, I had a bit of a nervous break-down the morning of his last clinic visit.  The night before he woke up complaining of leg pain.  That scared us a lot because that was a big complaint he had right before he was diagnosed.  The next morning his legs were still hurting him and he also said his head hurt and his stomach.  He was very grumpy and vomited on the way to the hospital.  He threw up again in the exam room.  His chemo pal was there and Carter hardly said a word and didn't even pretend to be interested in all the toys and games he brought.  He had a sedation so I was hoping that his grumpiness and feeling ill were due to no breakfast.  But I was totally freaking out, thinking the worst.  Despite having a rough day, Carter was still so brave for his port access.  He didn't say anything and later told me, "I was as still as a statue!"  Finally they took him to the procedure room and started the sedation medicine.  He started to vomit again as he was going to sleep.  SO SCARY!  I quickly left the room and said a little prayer and put my trust in the doctors.  A long 10 minutes later they came and got me and said he did just fine.  Right after he woke up he wanted his juice which he quickly drank and was then back to his normal happy self.  He has been totally fine ever since.  His numbers are good:  White blood cell count 13,400 and ANC 11,600.  Hemoglobin 10.4 and platelets 329,000.  His ANC is higher than expected and we figured out it's partly because I'VE BEEN GIVING HIM THE WRONG DOSE OF ONE OF HIS MEDICINES!!!  I've been giving him one pill once a week and he's supposed to get FIVE pills once a week!  I felt like a really bad mom.  Luckily it's only been 3 weeks.  The doctor was really nice about it, he just laughed and said, "So THAT'S why his numbers are so high!"  So, lesson learned:  Read the prescription labels and then read them again!  Other than that morning, he's been doing awesome.  Every now and then he'll say something like, "I'm so happy I squished my dragon!"  or "I'm so glad my dragon is gone.  He was eating all of my blood!  Good thing I squished him!".  He's amazing.  And we don't have to go back to the hospital for another month!

Oh, and we're going to DisneyWorld/Seaworld in November, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation!!!!!!!


  1. Glad the scare turned out to be ok. I heard we missed you at the park Thursday. We must have left just a couple of minutes before you got there-I had a vt appt at 1 and had to go home first :)

  2. Oh boy Robin. Sorry you had such a scare! I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Hope you all continue to enjoy more normal life until next month! Love you guys :)

  3. I am so glad things are so great. Love you bunches and have fun on your trip. You deserve it!

  4. I am so glad to hear Carter is doing so well!!! I think about you guys all the time! You & Carter are on my hero list!
    I hope you guys have a GREAT time on your trip!!