Monday, September 19, 2011

no love for dragons

This was so awesome I just had to share it!  A few nights ago Carter was drawing with his new stencil.  He drew a heart for Mommy, Daddy, his brother, sister, and himself.  He told us that he drew them for us because he loves us.  Then he drew another one, drew a circle around it and then drew a line threw it (like a "no parking") sign.  He said, "This one is for my dragon.  I drew a circle with a line through it because I don't love him at all."  (you can see it in the lower left hand corner, kinda between the two blue hearts)  Then he drew a check-mark (just to the left of the green heart, close to the middle - looks like a backwards 'C') and told us, "There!  That's a check-mark to say I don't have a dragon anymore!"  At the end of the movie "Paul and the Dragon" the doctor erases the red circle around the cancer and puts a green check-mark instead.  What a smart and funny boy!

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