Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Haircut

We've been home from the hospital since Friday evening. It's so nice to be home! Carter is still on antibiotics for his infection. He's hooked up to a little machine that gives him his dose of medicine every eight hours. We change out the medicine cartridge every day. He'll have it for 2 weeks. He calls it his "little friend". He doesn't mind very much having it with him all the time. Dennison rigged it up into a backpack for him and he loves that.

Carter's hair is getting thinner and thinner. It's not falling out in large amounts yet, but it's getting long and he's been mistaken for a girl more times than we'd like to admit lately. So, it was time for "The Haircut".

Remember this beautiful hair?

There it goes....

There's a few little bald spots but it's mostly just thinner everywhere right now.

The finished product. It wasn't as thin underneath as we thought it would be, but it is still pretty thin. You can also see the front of the "little friend backpack".

So there it is.

Chemotherapy Round 2 starts tomorrow.

Bring it on.


  1. He is such a handsome little guy! Good luck with round 2.

  2. Such a stud! He's always in our prayers.

  3. You guys are doing great!! Poor Carter, though. He must be getting so sick of being poked and prodded and all kinds of crazy, crazy stuff. It must be really hard to watch. What a trooper. We're thinking of you, AS ALWAYS!!

  4. He looks so cute! I love the backpack. Nice work, Dennison. Go, Carter!!!

  5. I miss you all SO much. Carter looks great, you are doing an amazing job with everything. Dad and I are very proud of all of you, remember how much we love you!