Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carter on the News & No more tubey!!!

Carter was on the news last night! Here's a LINK to the story. We recorded it and showed it to Carter this morning. We watched it quite a few times and then Carter wanted to wear his bee suit again. Cutest bee I've ever seen :)

Last night was also the last day of the antibiotic that Carter has been on for two weeks. After his evening dose, I got to take his "tubey" out of his port. I was kind of nervous about it. The nurse showed me how to do it at our last clinic visit and I practiced on their chest dummy, "Chester". Carter was nervous for me to take the sticker off because he was afraid it would hurt. That was by far the worst part. Once I got the dressing off, I just had to fold up those little black flaps and pull the needle out.

We love it! This is the first time since his diagnosis that he hasn't had a tube hanging out of him! He's already taken two baths today. He used to love baths but when his port is accessed or when he had his PICC line we had to cover it up with a plastic sticker which we would have to take off after the bath. He hated that so baths were few and far between. But now, he's so excited to take a bath without any stickers on him. We have to look forward to these little victories. It's what keeps us going :)

Also, Carter's been telling us that when he's done with his little friend and tubey, it will be Jude's turn to have them. Jude is always trying to steal Carter's backpack so we gave him a little taste of Carter's life last night. We just taped the tube onto him for a few minutes. Carter thought it was great. Jude liked it at first but them just ripped it off. Silly boys.


  1. Great news story, and I'll bet Carter did think it was fun to see himself on it! And yay for little victories!

  2. We love keeping up with all of you through this blog. We are so grateful for all you are accomplishing, your amazing attitude and strength, the wide-spread support you have and mostly for answered prayers. Nice pictures, we love them.