Friday, April 25, 2014


Here's just a few pictures from the party!  It was so great!  The weather was nice, the food was yummy, the company was amazing.

This guy, The Mighty Baker (, donated this amazing cake for my little boy.  
And it was really delicious.

There was lots of jumping

Some eating

oh, and lots and lots of gumballs.

This little girl was in heaven!

Small little petting zoo of sorts.  Bunnies and teenage chickens.

Everybody wrote a small note for Carter on his posters.

So much family!  All my siblings and *almost* all my cousins were there.  It was so fun to be together!

Lots of food and cake.  And lots of helpers.

Although not pictured, we must not forget the 'candy cannon'!  It's exactly what it sounds like.  Candy rained from the sky.  I have a really awesome Uncle...

The dragon pinata.  It has no idea what's about to hit him.

This is his Dragon Slayer face.  Love it!

Then he destroyed it even more.

You probably remember the significance of "dragons" in all this.  To explain everything that was going on to Carter, we compared the cancer to a dragon.  So throughout treatment, he knew he was "fighting his dragon".  He was always the bravest of warriors.  It's been a LONG hard road, but it feels amazing to be on this side of it!  Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us!

We can't possibly express in words how grateful we are for all the help, love, and support along the way.  I don't know how we would've gotten through all this without all of you.  Far or near, we so appreciated and counted on the love and prayers and service.  We have been reminded just how amazing and wonderful life is.  We were able to step back and evaluate what's really important and what just doesn't matter.  We know that (in the words of my amazing Grandma) FAMILY IS EVERYTHING.  We love you all!  Carter is so excited to take your donations up to the hospital and deliver them to other families who are still going through a difficult time.  It feels great to be able to pay it forward a bit.


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  1. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with Carter when we did. The timing was worked out in heaven.
    We are so proud of the whole Harris family, it was along hard road....well done!