Monday, August 6, 2012

Aug clinic and some surprises!!

We went in for Carter's monthly clinic visit last week.  We even had some friends come along to join the fun.  And Carter's chemo pal was there, too.  It was a full/fun room :)  Carter did great, as usual.  It was pretty uneventful, just the way we like it.  His numbers are all looking good so they increased the dose of one of his oral meds again.  They're slowly trying to get back up to full dosage, we're at about 70% right now for both of them.

Now onto the fun stuff!  First of all, Sheriff Carter got to go meet the police dogs!  Here's an article about that:  Then a few days later, the Sheriff's department and Chief for a Day folks sent us to the Great Wolf Lodge!  That was a blast.  We didn't tell the boys what we were doing so they were so surprised and excited to see the huge indoor waterpark insided the hotel.  Here's their faces just seconds after seeing it:

And here's the wolf cave they got to sleep in.

As if that wasn't enough, we came home to a big surprise.  Here's the news clip from that evening:

I can't believe all that was done for us.  Friends, neighbors and strangers all came together in the 103 degree heat and worked ALL day long, cleaning everything spotless inside and out, new light fixtures outside, new plants, bushes, and flowers, new bedding and decor for the boys bedroom, new kitchen set for the baby girl, cleaned our carpets, and of course the huge play structure in the backyard.  I can't name everything that was done it was so much.  And I have no idea who all helped.  I know a few of you that were involved but I know there was more that are still unknown to us.  So just let me say  THANK YOU!!!!!  Thank you so much, this all means so much to us.  To see the look on the faces of our kids when they saw they're new bedroom and "park in the backyard" (as they call it) was priceless.  I can never say thank you enough.  I am overcome with emotion whenever I think about all the kindness that we have been the recipents of.  We are amazed and comforted by the goodness of the world around us.  We already knew that we have fantastic friends because they've done SO MUCH for us already.  But their dedication, along with that of others that we've never even met is just....   I'm in awe.  A special thanks to Sergeant Shane and Denise for organizing this whole thing.  We are so happy that you chose our son to be your Sheriff and that we've had the opportuny to work so closely with you all summer long.  I don't even know where to begin with my Thank Yous for you so I'll save that for later :)  We had such an amazing weekend, it's hard to go back to real life today.  But it's made much easier because my house is clean and pretty, and the kids are outside playing :)

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  1. Every time I share your weekend experience with anyone I have to pass out the tissues, the video clip gets to us all. What an amazing community you live in, even though it is so far away. We sure love you!