Monday, March 19, 2012

clinic visit & Haircut

We went in for Carter's monthly clinic visit last week and everything looks great.  His numbers all look perfect, his ears finally look great and he did really well.  He even informed me that he did not need to sit on my lap anymore when he gets sedated or his port gets accessed.  When we went to the sedation room he just jumped right up on the bed and layed down on the pillow with a smile on his face (he hates being sedated).  I was surprised and so proud of him.  He kept telling me and everyone else in the room how brave he was.  The doctor asked him if he was ready for his sleepy medicine and he smiled and said, "yep!"  He did so great!  He's growing up so fast.  He even woke up quickly which never happens.  

 Yesterday he got his first haircut in over a year!  It was kinda hard to actually do it, I've been wanting his hair to be long and curly again for so long now!  But he said he wanted it cut and he looks so handsome.


  1. Makes him look older! Glad numbers were all good too!

  2. I'm SO glad he's feeling better! I am sure you must be so proud of how brave he was at his appointment - that really is amazing!!

  3. My dear friend Robin! It makes me so happy to hear Carter is doing so well. I could cry. We love you guys.
    Annie & Dain