Tuesday, December 27, 2011

two clinic visits

The week before his scheduled clinic visit, Carter had to make an unexpected trip to the hospital because of a fever.  He had a very minor ear infection.  They took blood to do a blood culture and gave him a dose of antibiotics and sent us on our way.  He's been totally fine ever since.  He did laugh really hard at the nurse when she called him "baby" and told her, "do you know why I'm laughing?  Because you called me baby, I'm not a baby!"  He laughed and laughed. 
Then last Thursday was his monthly visit.  He did really well and all looks great.  His ANC is down to 700 and his white count is down in the low teens ( I don't have access to his print-out right now), but all the other numbers are looking great.  This drop is ANC is most likely due to the higher dose of one of his oral meds.  They want it between 750 and 1500 so we'll so how it looks next month.  While we were there, we got to go choose a gift for each of our kids out of this huge bin of toys.  A family that had a child go through treatment there years ago donated 3 or 4 huge bins full of toys for the patients and their families.  I am so amazed and uplifted by the generosity of people I don't even know who have done awesome things for my family.

He loved painting while we waited for the sedation team to arrive.

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