Friday, July 15, 2011

take two

An hour after I posted the update yesterday, a nurse from the hospital called.  They had just received the "chemistry" results from Carter's blood work.  It measures things like protein and electrolyte levels, among other things.  Everything looked really low, like half of what it should be.  So either he was really sick or something had gone wrong with the tests.  She asked me to come back in and let them draw more blood and run it all again.  So, I loaded up the kids and back we went.  Carter was so amazing and brave having his port accessed twice in one day!  I was very impressed with him.  The CBC only takes a few minutes and the results looked good.  White blood cell count is 1700, ANC 300, hemoglobin 11.5 and platelets 287,000.  The results look a lot more accurate given his current energy levels and feeling good overall.  It's a bummer his ANC is so low but I was also a little relieved because he couldn't have started today even if the first test had been accurate.  They sent the other blood sample down to the lab for "urgent" results which took just over an hour.  While we waited, the boys played tag around the big square hallways through the clinic.  We were pretty much the only ones still there so they just ran wild.  The nurses kept saying, "Yeah, he's definitely not sick!"  We turned on a movie in the waiting room and ate graham crackers and peanut butter for dinner.  The results finally came back and everything looked totally normal.  Yea!!  So we headed home to start enjoying our extra week of no medicine. 

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